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Countdown to Rock n Roll Marathon

May 2, 2011

San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon Start

I’m a mere 5 weeks away from running my first marathon!!  Saturday I ran 16 miles, my longest run to date, and I’m happy to report that I wasn’t completely miserable!  It was tough, and I definitely felt like I was running for a VERY long time, but with the help of my running buddies, I made it.  Jeremy ran 18 miles and said it was an entirely different ballgame.  He had a tough time cranking out the last two miles, and I’ve heard that from other people as well…Is this “the wall” people talk about?  I’ll definitely report back on that next weekend when I run 18 miles.  I’m nervous for that one.

What am I doing the next 5 weeks?  Today I finished P90X for a second time, and now I’m a Double Grad!  (Jeremy has suggested that we’re P90X “Masters,” but I’m afraid to go as far as to say that. I’m not sure if anyone but Tony Horton himself could ever truly master that program!)  I’m going to post my P90X results very soon, so stay tuned!

May is time to decrease my P90X workouts and continue my 4 days/week of running.  It has been tough to keep up with P90X and marathon training thus far, so I’m ready to modify things from now until the marathon.  This means no more double workout days if I can help it!  The next 5 weeks I’ll focus on my running and sprinkle in 2-3 P90X workouts per week as I enter the home stretch of marathon training.  Here is what I anticipate…

Monday: Run
Tuesday: Speed work run
Wednesday: Plyometrics or Legs & Back (or rest)
Thursday: Medium Long run
Friday: P90X upper body workout (Chest & Back or Back & Biceps)
Saturday: Long run
Sunday: Yoga (or rest)

Let the new workout schedule begin!

P.S. What am I doing after the marathon? I have a couple of ideas that I’ll fill you in on soon!

  1. I’m scared for 18 too! And I’ve heard the wall comes during the race at mile 20 but I bet we hit it earlier on training runs b/c we are less rested and don’t nutrition as well. We can do it though!

  2. Jeremy permalink

    Next ideas…I think I know! Can I say?

    You guys are ready for 18!

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