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P90X Fitness Test Results and Pics

May 6, 2011

P90X Masters!

I did it! I’m a P90X grad again, and I must say I’m happy with my results.  I may not be able to do 10 pull-ups yet, and I don’t have the complete six-pack I had hoped for, but this round got me much closer to those and many other goals. A quick reminder that this is the second time in 9 months that I’ve done P90X.  The first time was August – November 2010, and the second time was Feb – May, 2011.  I took 2 months off in between but didn’t get around to taking the fit test for Day 0 the second time; that’s why there are only 3 results.  Overall, I’ve noticed positive changes in my body composition. My weight hasn’t changed much, but I have lost inches and gained muscle.  I think P90X is an excellent fitness program, and I’d recommend it for most people.  (It’s really intense, so there are other Beachbody beginner programs you can look at doing first: .)

For P90X, you have to be willing to commit, press play every day, and follow the nutrition plan. (Yes, follow the nutrition plan!) Enough with the chit-chat, let’s get on with my results! (Please forgive my tan lines!)

Day 90 - May 2011

Date                             8/23/10 – Day 0   11/22/10 – Day 90      5/4/11 – Day 90 x2
Weight                         110.4 lbs                 108.2 lbs                       108.2 lbs
Waist                            26.25″                     25.75″                           25.25″
Hips                              32.5                          31                                   30

2nd Day 90 - May 2011

2nd Day 90 - May 2011

Pull-Ups                      0.5                             6                                    7
Push-Ups                    22                             43                                   50
Wall Squat                  2’35”                         4’48”                              4’09”
In & Outs                    48                              125                                 155

Day 90 - May 2011

Day 90 - May 2011

I had a lot of fun taking my Day 90 pictures this time. You can probably tell since I’m in 3 different outfits!  I definitely feel toned and much stronger.  I don’t have an accurate body fat % calculator, so maybe I’ll get it tested somewhere because I am definitely curious and it will be good to know for future measurements.  I just know that I lost inches and gained muscle, and that is a good thing!  I reached a BIG goal of 50 push-ups (not on my knees) which is probably my favorite achievement.  Since I’m always striving for improvement, I want to be able to do 100 push-ups one day!
In summary, I feel strong, happy, and healthy.  Thank you, P90X!!  I can’t wait for P90X 2 to launch this fall because I will DEFINITELY be doing it!  MC2 will definitely take my fitness to another level!  Anyone else interested in doing that program with me later this year? 

Day 0 - August 2010 Where are my muscles?

Stay tuned for a post about what I’ll be doing after my marathon training is complete!  (I’ve been doing marathon training simultaneously with P90X.)  Rock n Roll San Diego is only 1 month away!

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  1. Jeremy permalink

    You did so great in Rd 2, love. The hard work brought great and sexy results. I love sharing this journey with you and am excited for all of our future fitness challenges we have in mind.

  2. Jeremy permalink

    And I love your bikini body!

  3. adrienne permalink

    Hi, Asia. You and Jeremy look fantastic!

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