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Ironman Training Starts TODAY!

December 6, 2011

Today is Tuesday, December 6, 2011, and today is the day my Ironman training officially begins!  Over the next 7 months, I’m going to record my journey right here.  My goal is to be able to track my progress and understand what works and what doesn’t work for me so I can become the best triathlete possible.  How far can I push myself?  How much sleep do I need?  How many calories should I eat?  How will I become an Ironman?

I am really excited and nervous for the next 7 months!  My life is definitely going to change in a big way.  I’m so lucky that my boyfriend and two great friends will be going through this with me.   We’ve affectionately named ourselves Team WODS!

Race Schedule
February 5, 2012: Surf City Full Marathon – 26.2 miles (Huntington Beach, CA)
March 31, 2012: Half Ironman – 70.3 miles (Oceanside, CA)
June 24, 2012: IRONMAN – 140.6 miles (Coeur d’Alene, ID)

Day 1
5:30am: Rest. I woke up with the intention of a 6 mile run but my hip and back were still feeling sore and tight from my long run on Sunday so I decided to rest and see how the day played out.  (I’m already actively training for my full marathon on 2/5/12.)

6:15pm: Met up with my training buddy Nicole for an easy 6 mile run outdoors.  I felt great and had no hip or back pain during the run, but my knees were a little sore.

Below is a picture of the early Team WODS in June 2011: Jeremy, Asia, Nicole, and Mike (taking the picture). Three of us are raising our hands here to admit that it was our first triathlon ever!  One year from that date, we will all call ourselves Ironman.

Team WODS beginnings. Nervous first timers. June 2011.


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  1. We may be the craziest Ironman hopefuls ever – first triathlon 1 year before the race! And also first time riding a road bike 1 year before the race… Ay! I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds! I’m glad that I have you and the rest of team WODS by my side! I couldn’t do it without you!

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