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Ironman Training Day 5

December 10, 2011

Day 5 – Saturday 12/10/11

8:30am – 16.5 mile run around Mission and Pacific Beach. (My old stomping ground!)
Breakfast: 2 waffles w/ peanut butter & agave nectar = 400 calories(?)
During Run: 2 vanilla Gus, 1 shot block serving, and 1 scoop Vitalite mixed with water = 340 calories
Post Run: Big brunch! Scrambled eggs w/ spinach, mushrooms, and cheese, potatoes, onion bagel, fruit, coffee

Feeling hungry after my long run!

Ok – So this run wasn’t exactly for Ironman training.  It’s for my marathon in Feb.  We’re really starting to get up there in miles!  Many triathlon experts will warn you not to do a marathon before or during Ironman training because there is a high risk of injury and a long recovery time after runs lasting over 2 hours.  I definitely understand that, but I hope to stay strong and healthy during my marathon training. I want to do another marathon to break the 4 hour mark. (I hit 4:01:59 on my first one in June 2011.)  It’s a great challenge, and I felt so incredible crossing the finish line.  I LOVE running.  It’s my favorite part of the triathlon.

I felt strong on the run today.  This was definitely my best long run by far.  My average pace for 16.5 miles was 9:15min/mile which is getting close to my marathon goal time.  My hip didn’t bother me today which was HUGE because it hurt a lot during my recovery run last week.  I am trying to pay extra attention to my hip (or IT band?) because it has been bothering me for a while.  Today, however, the “pain” was pretty standard after the 1/2 marathon mark – sore knees, ankles, hip flexors.  Nothing limiting.  I did finish with salt all over my face…My face was pretty white, so I need to take in more sodium on my next run.  Nicole and I had a lot to talk about and were both feeling like we had a good long run day.  Now I’m feeling very optimistic about the marathon which is only 8 weeks away!  There’s still a few spots available for the Surf City Marathon if you’re interested!


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