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Ironman Training Day 6

December 11, 2011

Day 6 – Sunday 12/11/11

11:o0am – 28-30 mile bike ride up the 101 (mostly flat).  I felt good on the bike today which surprised me since I ran 16.5 miles yesterday.  I actually wasn’t even that sore when I woke up.  Success!  I still foam-rolled my quads and calves before getting on the bike, and Nicole and I took it pretty easy, cruising up and down the 101.  I even got to sleep in today because Nicole had a prior engagement, so that probably aided in my recovery.
Nutrition: Poor! I had my 2 egg + avocado wrap before my ride, but then didn’t take in nearly enough calories on the bike. I guess I figured since it was a flat and easy ride, I didn’t need as many.  I made myself a water bottle with 140 calories (1 scoop CarboPro and 1 scoop Vitalite), but I only made my way through half of it because I didn’t drink fast enough. (I also had to pee and was too lazy to stop and get off the bike!) I didn’t take my GU either, which would have been another 100 calories.  By the time I got home and off the bike, I felt a little light-headed and hungry, so I finished the rest of my drink and immediately had a bowl of cereal.  I still don’t know exactly how many calories per hour I’m supposed to take in while on the bike.  One of my training books says it’s about 120-500/hour depending on your size.  Since I’m a 108lb female, I figure I should take 120/hour, and that’s what I typically strive for on the bike.  (Failed today.) 

2:00pm – 1 hour TCSD swim class at Boys and Girls Club Solana Beach (combo of technique & masters)
Nutrition: 1/2 Honey Stinger Waffle (80 calories) 15 minutes before the swim
This was a new (free) swim class put on by the Tri Club of San Diego (TCSD).  I was excited to try it since it’s close to my house and in the afternoon so it’s much less cold outside compare to the 7:30pm weekday swims.  I worked with a new swim coach today and she had us spend most of our time perfecting our stroke.   I picked up some new drills today that should help me become a better swimmer.  The swim is my key limiter in triathlons, so I need to focus on it as much as possible.

After I rushed from bike to swim, I then dashed to a TCSD Christmas Caroling event!  A group of 25-30 of us sang Christmas songs at 4 assisted living homes around north county.  I loved seeing the joy we brought to so many of the elderly living in these homes. Such a fun and active triathlon inspired Sunday!


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