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Ironman Training Days 7-9

December 14, 2011

Monday 12/12/11
Morning 6:30am: Ab Ripper X
The original plan was to stretch out and do my P90X Yoga DVD, but I didn’t wake up early enough for that, so I did a quick 15 minute abdominal workout instead.  I should probably do this 1-2x/wk.  I feel like I’ve lost so much strength in my core!  Granted this is a 349 rep DVD, so I probably shouldn’t be too upset that I was short a few reps this morning.  Still, it put me in my place.

Evening 7:30pm: 1 hour technique swim class
This was my third swim class within one week, and I already find myself improving. Up until last week, I hadn’t swam since my last triathlon on 9/11, so I had no idea how bad I’d be.  Fortunately, my technique is coming back quickly.  I still need to be watched and reminded of ways I can improve, and that is why I like going to these technique classes.  My favorite swim coach, Trevor, is typically there on Monday nights, so I try to make going that night a priority.  Eventually I will incorporate Masters swim classes into my weekly swim workouts so I can build up my endurance which will be critical for the 2.4 mile swim.  Both classes run at the same times and are coached, but you rarely take rests or get feedback in the Masters classes.

Tuesday 12/13/11
Morning: Rest (was supposed to spin on my bike)
We woke up to no power! Can I use this as an excuse? 

Evening 7:15pm: 6 x 800 Yassos on the treadmill
I got a gym membership 1 1/2 weeks ago specifically for triathlon training in the winter.  No, San Diego doesn’t have harsh climates like other parts of the U.S. (sorry Boston) but it does have the same amount of limited daylight.  I particularly need the gym for my mid-week runs which are getting more intense as I get closer to my marathon.  My first trip to the gym was to do Yassos, or speed work, on the treadmill.  It was quite an experience.  I had forgotten how much of a meat market the gym is.  I tried to ignore this, or at least be entertained by it, as I did my speed work.  I did my Yassos at 7.7mph on the treadmill (7:47min/mile pace) at a 1% inclince six times.  Not bad for just starting out.  The goal of the Yassos drill is to build up to 10 intervals to get to your goal marathon pace.  Here’s an overview pulled from my friend Nicole’s blog on how Yasso 800s works.

What are Yasso 800s?
Bart Yasso, a manager at Runner’s World, invented this speed workout nearly a decade ago. According to an article on Runner’s World, since then literally thousands of runners have claimed that the program has worked for them. Here it is:
* Run 800 meters (that’s half a mile or two laps around a track) repeats in the same minutes/seconds as your hours/miles goal time for a marathon (ie if you are shooting for a 3 hour, 30 minute marathon, run each 800 in 3 minutes and 30 seconds).
* Between sets, jog or walk for the same amount of time as your 800 meter run (3:30 in this case)
* Do this work out once a week, starting with 4-5 and building up to 10.
* If you can consistently finish all 10 800s at your desired pace, you should be able to run the marathon at this pace

Wednesday 12/14/11
Morning: Rest (was supposed to spin on my bike) – I definitely need to get used to my bike trainer.  I’ve only been on it once, and it was a good experience.  I just haven’t made it a habit yet.  I do need to put in much more time on the bike very soon!
Evening 6:00pm: 8 mile run (outdoors) 9:30 min/mile pace
I felt really good during my mid-week long run with Nicole tonight.  I love how effortless running is becoming! 
Nutrition: Luna bar 1 hour before the run. Nothing  during the run. 1 scoop of recovery drink after the run. Then veggie burger for dinner!

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