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Ironman Training Day 10

December 15, 2011

Jeremy and me after our first Sprint Triathlon (Solana Beach) July 2011

Thursday 12/15/11

Woo hoo! Day 10!!  Today I stayed indoors which is quite rare for my training.

Morning: 5:45am – 40 minute spin on my bike trainer
Nutrition: 1/2 banana pre-workout*, 1 scoop recovery powder (110 calories) during workout, 1 scoop after workout
*Jeremy came up to me when I was a few minutes into the bike and asked me what I ate before my workout. Such a good workout buddy looking out for me!  He gave me 1/2 a banana so I had some fuel to start.

I finally got on my bike this week!  Jeremy and I still only own 1 DVD (the one that came with our trainer), so I did that workout for a second time, but I had to cut it 20 mins short so I wouldn’t be late for my work meeting.  It was still really tough!   That workout makes me SWEAT.  Our Ironman training buddies own multiple Sufferfest DVDs and they use them a lot, so maybe that’s something we will also invest in.  The motto of those workouts are “I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow.” Sounds intense! And awesome.

Evening: 5:45pm – 20 min swim, gym strength
Nutrition: Handful of trail mix on my ride to the gym. Another handful while I was out shopping for dinner post-workout.

This was my second time using my new gym membership.  It still feels weird working out in a gym.  I’m used to the great outdoors and working out alone or with 1-3 other people…Not in a room full of sweaty strangers!  Nevertheless, I drove my butt straight to the gym after my work meeting, changed into my swimsuit, and jumped into the lap pool.  It wasn’t crowded and I had an entire lane to myself…for about 20 minutes.  Then I was kicked out for a water aerobics class.  Next time I should check the schedule first!  I still got a good swim in, but I wasn’t able to leave the gym quite yet, so I changed into gym clothes and played around a little bit.

I wanted to see if I could still do any pull-ups.  I was able to do 7 at my peak just after P90X!  I walked around aimlessly looking for a pull-up bar, and two nice boys showed me a few options.  Haha.  I took my pick and jumped up, hanging there for a few seconds, and then doing 2 1/2 pull-ups.  Not bad.  I jumped down and back up again and did 1 1/2 chin-ups.  I still have some of that strength, but I lost quite a bit, so I want to incorporate some strength exercises during my Ironman training whenever possible.  After my mini pull-up session, I did two sets of 10 push-ups – standard and wide.  Then I did a mini Ab Ripper X series.  To finish, I did 4 sets of 10lb dumbbell bicep curls (standard and cross body).  I’m still not used to working out in the gym again, but I’m proud of myself for not running straight to the treadmill when my swim was cut short.  I ran the past 2 days in a row, so it was time to change it up!  What are your favorite training exercises to do specifically when you’re at the gym?

Tomorrow is Friday, and you know what that means. REST DAY!  I’ll be back Saturday for an 18 mile run.


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