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Ironman Training Over the Holidays Part 2

January 2, 2012

My second week of Christmas vacation was more productive!


Merry Christmas!!
Day 20 – Sunday 12/25 CHRISTMAS! rest

Day 21 – Monday 12/26: 10 miles on the treadmill (8:41-8:45 min/mile pace at 1% incline)
Nutrition: 1 GU at 40 minutes. 1 Gatorade recovery drink immediately post workout.
Running 10 miles on the treadmill sucks!!  It definitely requires mental toughness.  I was bored after mile 4 and had to keep playing mind games to get myself to go another mile, and then another mile, and then another, until I reached 10.  I told myself it was good practice for the Ironman!  Running outdoors with a running buddy is 100x more fun than running alone on the treadmill, but sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to get that workout in.  My full marathon is only 1 month away!

Day 22 – Tuesday 12/27: rest (vacation mode)
Most of our family left Boston by Tuesday morning, so Jeremy and I decided to take the train to downtown Boston for the day.   We had some great food!!  We walked a lot, but there wasn’t any working out.

Cheese, please! The Original Regina's Pizza in Boston's North End

Day 23 – (flew home) Wednesday 12/28: rest (unintentional)
After a week of sleeping in and eating way too much, Jeremy and I still managed to fall asleep the second we got home at 4pm. No idea why we were so tired! Does flying take it out of you?

Back Home in San Diego

Day 24 – Thursday 12/29: SWIM (50 laps @ 25 yards for 35 mins) and BIKE on indoor trainer (small chain ring 45 minutes)
First day back in the saddle, and it felt great!  I was a little apprehensive to do anything on the bike the day before a really long run, so I focused on an easy spin and keeping my cadence above 90.  I still need to buy a wireless computer for my bike. Any recommendations?  Counting my pedal strokes can only get me so far.

Day 25 – Friday 12/30: 20.6 mile run
*First day using new Timex watch!!*
Nutrition: Pre – 2 waffles + peanut butter & agave nectar. During – 4 GU. After – Recovery drink and veggie burger w/ fries
I felt pretty good on this run.  It definitely got really tough around mile 18, but Jeremy surprised us and ran us in starting around mile 19.  Anything to break up the routine was definitely welcomed at that point!  After the run, I was beat.  We went to the mall after lunch, and I quickly lost all of my shopping spirit and sat in the men’s shoe department at Nordstrom while Jeremy shopped.

Post 20.6 mile run. Too tired to move.

Day 26 – Saturday 12/31: 28 mile bike ride up the coast
Nutrition: Pre – 2 waffles + peanut butter & agave nectar . During – 140 calorie drink mix (1 scoop CarboPro + 1 scoop Vitalite). I was starving by the time I got home.  Nicole wasn’t, however, and she didn’t eat anything on the ride.  I think it had to do with my dinner the night before. After a week of heavy Italian food, I was craving a salad, so I had that with some bread.  I guess my days of salad-only dinners are over. Sad.


Day 27 – Sunday 1/1/12 – Rest day/Recovery
My quads were still very sore, so Jeremy and I spent the day watching Mad Men and cleaning our place.

Day 28 – Monday 1/2 X2 Core from P90X2
Jeremy and I tried the new X2 Core workout from P90X2.  It was really fun to change it up with a new DVD!  We were glad to focus on strength too.  (Learn more about P90X2 here.) Today my quads are STILL sore from my 21 mile run and 28 mile bike days, so we decided to do a different kind of workout to let them recovery more.  Should I have swam too?  Yes. There can never be too much swimming!  I wish I had made time for it.

Today is my last day of holiday vacation. So sad!  Back to reality tomorrow.  The good thing about getting back to work is that it will help me with my workout schedule.  I didn’t do as much as I wanted to over vacation, and I attribute that to having too much free time!  I need more structure.  Get up at 5am. Workout. Go to work. Workout. Make dinner. Fall asleep in my bowl of pasta. That sounds like Ironman training to me!

Did you follow your workout plan over the holidays?


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  1. I’ve just done a lot of research into wireless cycle computers, and opted for the Cateye Strada Double Wireless. It has all the standard features plus cadence, all build into 1 unit. I havent used it yet though, so cant yet speak for its ease of use, but from my research it seemed the best value. Hope this helps!

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