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Ironman Training Week 22 – Recovery Week

May 11, 2012

Taking out my new Speed Concept for her first ride

April 29-May 6, 2012

I LOVE recovery week.  I almost feel like a normal human being during this time.  In addition to tapering my workouts, I try to use the time to catch-up on sleep, errands, and my dwindling social life.

Monday: Went to Group Mobility in the morning which felt amazing, and then I chose not to workout that night.  Mondays and Fridays are always my easiest days since Sat/Sun are such high volume.

Tuesday: Ran 5 miles easy in the morning and did at Solana Beach Masters Swim at night

Wednesday: Skipped a workout and chose to sleep in, and then went to Group Strength at night…after I took home my new tri bike from Trek!!  I feel like I’ve been living at Trek lately trying to square away my new bike purchase, but it was definitely worth it.  I’ll have to blog about my experience another time.

Thursday: I took my new tri bike out in the morning for a 10 mile ride to get used to it.  A tri bike is VERY different to ride than a road bike.  You have to reach so far to shift!  I also practice going aero a little bit.  Nicole and I went for a 5.5 mile run in the evening and then did some pull-ups to make sure we still could. (We can!)

Friday: Glorious day of rest that included a romantic dinner with Jeremy at our new favorite spot by our place – Moonlight Lounge at Solace.

A yummy/naughty salad. I’ve been obsessed w/ taking pics of my food lately.

Saturday: Took my tri bike out for the first long ride.  It was convenient timing since I didn’t have to rush into a 90 mile hilly ride like last weekend.  The 65 mile bike ride up the coast and through Camp Pendleton was a good experience for me.  I got to practice shifting and going aero a lot.  It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, so I think I will be used to my bike in time for the Ironman!  My bike ride was followed by a 2.5 mile run.  I always try to run after my long bike rides.  It’s good practice.

Taking my Speed Concept out for the first long ride

Jeremy wasn’t feeling 100% that day, and we didn’t want to get drunk like the rest of the Cinco de Mayo participants, but we went out to a Mexican restaurant to enjoy the experience anyway.  I got buzzed off 2 Mexican beers, and we watched the 21-year-old college students, the cougars, and the Mariachis go crazy!

Our tame Cinco de Mayo. People watching is better than getting drunk off cheap tequila.

Sunday: 1:30 run in Mission Beach followed by a 1 mile swim in Mission Bay.  I hope to get one open water swim in per week or at least every other week until the race.  I’m always reminded of how much more I need to practice once I’m out there.  Sighting and going straight are tricky!  I also checked the water temperature of Lake Coeur d’Alene that day, and it was 46 degrees. Brrrr!  Hoping it’ll make it up to 60 degrees for the race…

Now it’s time for my final build sequence of Ironman training!  I still can’t believe it’s almost here. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. ahhh recovery weeks are always great! i’m impressed that you’ve already taken your bike out on a long ride. tri bikes are definitely a bit strange at first, but once you get used to them they’re awesome : ) and that salad looks amazing!

  2. Love your new bike! I’m a Trek-ie as well and hope you’re enjoying it!

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