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Bad Things Come in Threes

August 18, 2012

Bad things come in threes.  That’s what people say, right?  Well I am inclined to believe them because my #3 of Ironman Cozumel training just happened, and that my friends is FOOT PAIN.

Here is what my body has been through in the past 1 month of Ironman Cozumel training:

#1. Swimmer’s ear

#2. Bike crash

#3. Foot pain

I woke up Friday morning with dull pain on the lower outside area of my right foot, from the middle to the heel.  I have had dull pain here before the day after a long bike ride, but it has always been nothing more than dull and has gone away quickly.  This time, it’s the exact opposite.  I went through Friday with increased pain until I was limping at lunch, and then hobbling at dinner.  I tried to stay off my foot for the rest of the night and iced it and elevated it.

This morning I woke up realizing it was still tender to the touch.  Then, the moment of truth.  I got out of my bed and put pressure on my right foot….OUCH!!  I cannot put my full body weight on my right foot!   It hurts even more than it did last night!  Ohhh no.  What did I do to my poor foot?  The best way to describe the pain is that it feels like a sprain.

My first thought is Ironman Cozumel.  Is this serious enough to affect it, or can I prevent it going forward?  (Do I need new bike shoes?  Should I fix my cleat alignment? Do I need days, or worse, weeks of rest??)

My second thought is America’s Finest City (AFC) half marathon tomorrow.  I cannot run it now, and that makes me sad because it’s my favorite San Diego race!

Ok enough whining.  Has anyone else had foot pain like this?  Was it caused from cycling or running?  I think running is more common, but I’ve seen discussion forums on both.  I’ll be back with updates.  Time to meet with Coach Trevor.

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  1. triathlonobsession permalink

    I might go and get an x-ray to rule out stress fracture. (i’ve had 2 over the past several years in the same area you’re discussing—just a few weeks of running rest unfortunately and trainer bike instead of outside.) I do hope it’s nothing more serious and hope you feel better soon! You have plenty of time before Cozmel–try not to worry too much! (I know that’s the hard part and easier said than done). 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice. My coach used a tuning fork to test for a fracture, and it looks like I don’t have one! I’m going to go see a specialist if my foot doesn’t get better this week. (Still hurts.)

  2. Shaun Houlahan permalink

    Hopefully it’s just a sprain or similar. You will need to see a podiatrist for advice though and X-rays to make sure you don’t have a stress fracture. My fingers are crossed that it isn’t serious.

    Bye for now, Shaun

    Sent from my iPhone

    • I think it’s just a sprain…My coach used a tuning fork to test for a fracture, and it looks like I don’t have one! I’m going to go see someone if my foot doesn’t get better this week. Fingers crossed.

  3. Go to doc asap!! Fingers crossed for you!

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