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Still Ironman Training

August 21, 2012

Have you been wondering what my workouts have been the past 4 weeks?  Probably not 😉 but I’m used to posting weekly or bi-weekly about my sessions during Ironman training, so it’s time to catch up!  I have still been training for Ironman Cozumel, and things with Coach Trevor have been going great!  I’ve just had some mishaps along the way, unfortunately.  I guess I’m surprised and lucky that nothing like this happened to me sooner since I’ve been training for so long, so I guess I am getting it out of my system now!

I’ll try to summarize the past 4 weeks.  This time, instead of counting UP to how many weeks I’ve been training for my Ironman (too many), I’m counting DOWN to IMCZ!  I can’t believe it’s only 14 weeks away!  I know I always say this, but time flies…

#1 I got swimmer’s ear.

#2 I got in a bike crash.

#3 I have a foot injury.

All things considered, I am OK and still training in one form or another.   After flipping over my handlebars, I am so lucky I didn’t break anything in my crash and that it won’t affect my performance at IMCZ.  My foot pain just started on Friday so I’m going to see a physical therapist on Wednesday to get an assessment.  The good news is that it has been improving with ice and rest, so I am optimistic!

19 Weeks until IMCZ – Solana Beach Sprint Triathlon / the week I was a fish

Monday 7/16: 60′ mobility work with Trevor in the morning, 60′ of technique swimming at JCC with Trevor after work

Tuesday 7/17: Easy spin 60′, swim 30′

Wednesday 7/18: Swim drills 3,000 yards for 90′, Group Strength Class 60′

Thursday 7/19: Swim drills 3,000 yards for 90′, Run 20′

Friday 7/20: YMCA Masters Swim 75′

Saturday 7/21: REST and triathlon expo

Sunday 7/22: Solana Beach Sprint Triathlon! My fun race and personal best: 68′ (swim 11′, bike 29′, run 23′)

  • Total Swim: 6 hours!
  • Total Bike: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Total Run: 45 minutes
  • Total Strength/Mobility: 2 hours
  • Total combined training: 10 hours 15 minutes

18 Weeks until IMCZ – Building the bike again / swimmer’s ear diagnosis

Monday 7/23: 60′ mobility work with Trevor

Tuesday 7/24: 30′ Swim, 75′ trail run
Trevor helped me discover the joys of trail running!  I didn’t even realize there were trails 3 miles from my house.  Nicole has come with me on a couple of these runs which makes it even more enjoyable (and safe!)

Wednesday 7/25: 60′ Swim on my own/worked on counting my strokes, Group Strength 60′ after work

Thursday 7/26: Found out I had swimmer’s ear, so got some ear drops and took a rest day.  Must have been all that swimming last week (or just bad luck?)

Friday 7/27: Run 60′ with my training buddy, Nicole! Last 30′ negative split

Saturday 7/28: Bike 2 hours / Torrey Pines hill repeats
These are TOUGH.  I was supposed to get out of the saddle halfway up the hill.  I suck at staying out of the saddle.

Sunday 7/29: Bike 3 hours, 10′ run

  • Total Swim: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Total Bike: 5 hours
  • Total Run: 2 hours 25 minutes
  • Total Strength/Mobility: 2 hours
  • Total combined training: 11 hours

17 Weeks until IMCZ – Still building my bike

Monday 7/30: Nada (This is my rest day, and it typically incorporates mobility/stretching and/or swimming. This day it was purely a day off.)

Tuesday 7/31: YMCA Masters Swim 45′ (cut short per coach’s orders), Trail run 45′

Wednesday 8/1: Group Strength 60′

Thursday 8/2: Swim 3,500 yards for 1 hour 45 mins, Group strength plus tempo run for 75′
Trevor started a new group workout where we meet on at San Elijo trails in Solana Beach and do a combo of mobility, running strength movements, and tempo runs!  It’s tough yet fun.

Friday 8/3: Spin 60′ before work, Spin 60′ after work

Saturday 8/4: 4 hour bike ride to Ramona
Jeremy came with me and had the pleasure of circling me on this ride since he is so much faster. There were a lot of hills, and I got to try a new route!

Sunday 8/5: 2 hour 10 min run with trails incorporated, 25′ ocean swim
Focused on cadence during my run and tried to keep it above 95. Ran into a snake which scared the crap out of me!  By the time I got to my open water swim, I barely made it 25 minutes before calling it quits.  (It was supposed to be a 45 min session.) The water was choppy and I was exhausted from 2 big workouts that weekend.

  • Total Swim:  3 hours
  • Total Bike:  6 hours
  • Total Run:  3 hours
  • Total Strength/Mobility: 2 hours
  • Total combined training: 14 hours

Post hospital visit. All cleaned up and on drugs.

16 Weeks until IMCZ – The week of my bike crash

Monday 8/6: 60′ mobility with Trevor, 60′ technique swim at JCC

Tuesday 8/7: 60′ bike —> bike crash 😦

Wednesday 8/8: Rest and recovery day. Doped up on pain meds from the crash.

Thursday 8/9: Group strength on the trails. Slightly painful!  Skipped the tempo run part.

Friday 8/10: Another rest and recovery day

Saturday 8/11: Spin 3 hours

Sunday 8/12: Run 2 hours (misery)

  • Total Swim: 1 hour (my wounds didn’t make swimming a smart idea for a few days)
  • Total Bike:  4 hours
  • Total Run: 2 hours
  • Total Strength/Mobility: 2 hours
  • Total combined training: 9 hours

15 Weeks until IMCZ – The week of my foot injury

Monday 8/13: 60′ mobility with Trevor, 30′ swim on my own

Tuesday 8/14: 60′ masters swim, 30′ easy run

Wednesday 8/15: 60′ taper repeats (run), 60′ group strength

Thursday 8/16: 1:15 trainer workout plus 10 minute transition run

Friday 8/17: 60′ ocean swim at La Jolla Cove. Negative split at the 20 and 40 minutes. Jeremy came with me because I refuse to go open water swimming alone!  He would just swim ahead, swim back, and circle around me since we are nowhere near the same pace.  Such a great boyfriend and training partner to put up with me!

Saturday 8/18: Swim and aqua jog! 20′ swim warmup with drills, 40′ aqua jog, 10′ cool down.  Have you ever tried aqua jogging?  It is slow and hard!  Good way to practice mental toughness and get heart rate up.

Sunday 8/19: This was supposed to be my third AFC Half Marathon, but due to my foot injury, I sold my bib the day before the race and settled for a 45′ swim session practicing my technique instead.  I was sad to miss out on another Team WODS race experience, but I know there will be more in the future.  Sometimes you have to get over your ego and realize that rest is the best medicine.

  • Total Swim: 4 hours 20 min
  • Total Bike: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Total Run: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Total Strength/Mobility: 2 hours
  • Total combined training: 9 hours 20 min


Have you experienced any rough patches during training for your “A race”?  How did you overcome them?

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