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Still Alive and Training!

September 24, 2012

No one has ever drowned in their own sweat…well I almost did during this super sweaty long run post-spin!


I just realized that nearly 1 month has gone by without a blog post from me.  To make matters worse, the last blog post I wrote was titled “Mini Training Meltdown” which probably left many of you wondering what the heck has happened to me since then.  Well, I’m happy to report that it’s all good news!!

Every week, my foot injury got better, and it no longer hurts when I bike or run!  My weird knee pain went away too.  I’ve been focusing a lot on my mobility (especially in my t-spin) and strength training, and built everything back up slowly with direction from Coach Trevor.  (I also had a lot of ice bucket time.)  My foot isn’t 100% perfect, however, so I have to be careful that this pain doesn’t come back.

Two weeks ago, I had my first really big week with over 16 hours of training and a lot of intensity (plus all the mobility work)!  Last week, I had my first real recovery week with only 5 hours of training and a lot of metrics (lactate threshold heart rate from a time trial run, 1,000yard swim time, 30 min bike tempo).  It was also my birthday week, so that coincided perfectly.


Vegan Sprinkles Cupcake! Red Velvet!


I’m pleased with my current state and can tell I’ve gotten a lot STRONGER on the bike (#1 training goal!)  Next thing I need to work on?  Calming my pre-race anxiety.  Ironman Cozumel is only 2 months away!!

How do you keep yourself calm the days leading up to a big race?

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