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Ready for Eugene!

April 26, 2013

I’m sitting here in the Portland airport, anxiously awaiting my next flight. The one that will make this all real. The flight to Eugene.

I’ve been training for Eugene marathon just under 4 months now. I signed up over Christmas break, post Ironman finish, and during my 5 week training break. Nicole told me what a great race it would be, and we decided this would be THE ONE we qualify for Boston Marathon at. Just under 4 months to train for maximum speed? No big deal. I’m an Ironman! Actually, it has been a very big deal, and the last few months have been intense. I’ve been ramping up my speed quickly and trying not to injure myself in the process. Luckily I’ve had Nicole by my side for several training runs and coach Trevor, well, coaching me. He got me to the finish line at Ironman Cozumel and I know I will get there at Eugene. Still, I’ve done a lot in a little time so I’ve remained cautiously optimistic throughout my training. I’m happy to say I’ve definitely improved! I almost feel like I’m one of those “fast runners” now. I’ve done 7:30 tempos, a hilly 15k under 7:45 pace, long runs in the “8’s”,
and gained confidence in myself as a runner. What’s even more important, I’ve begun to love the sport even MORE.

With all of that, I am ready for Eugene marathon. I am ready to run faster at a longer distance than I ever have before. I am ready for an incredible day with my BFF Nicole and my new friend Page. I am ready to crush it, give it all I’ve got, go into the pain cave, and come home with a big PR. Hopefully it’s a PR so big that you will see me in Boston in 2014! No matter what’s in store for me Sunday, my goal is to enjoy every moment.

  1. Your Man permalink

    Beast mode time baby! You’re body and mind are ready! Go dominate! Proud of you & Love you.

  2. I’m sitting right next to you and YOU ARE GOING TO CRUSH IT!

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