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Boston Marathon Training Continues!

March 12, 2014

Boston Marathon is 39 days away!!!!! When did that happen?

The past 3.5 months of training have been quite nontraditional for me:

  1. Approximately 80% of my runs have been verry slow using MAF heart rate training (Previously I always tried to get out of HR training bc I have a very high HR and I would easily become frustrated)
  2. I haven’t gone farther than 13 miles on a long run (I probably would have gotten to 18-20 miles by now if it wasn’t for my foot…) 
  3. I had 2-3 training races planned, but only got in one 10k due to injury
Cardiff Kook 10k. 1 week into foot injury.

Cardiff Kook 10k. 1 week into foot injury.

I was was running slowly using heart rate training, building my base, and working on consistency when I encountered a foot injury at the end of January. It took over 5 weeks of modified training with my coach and new custom orthotics to address it, but I’m finally on the mend and running consistently again! Those 5 weeks were frustrating because I always wanted to do MORE, and that’s when I was really supposed to start peaking for this race. I wanted my legs to be ridiculously sore and tired from my long runs, but I never made it past 2 hours, and while I was injured, part of those 2 hours was in the form of aqua jogging and ellipticalling. All running was done slowwwly, and there were no more hills or tempo runs. There was daily icing, elevation, a lot of ibuprofen, and minor temper tantrums. (I even tried to get extra foot rubs from Jeremy!) There was also a lot of spinning and cross training, so while I wasn’t running my typical 5 days/week, I was still training 6 days/week and getting stronger. My coach commended me for my positive attitude and dedication to recovery, but I started seeing my original goal (to break 3:30 at Boston) fly out the window. Where was my speed going to come from without my speed sessions!? How was I supposed to push it at the end of the marathon if I wasn’t running farther than a half marathon distance!? Coach Beth told me not to worry, and we’ll come up with a race plan that’s right for me in a few weeks once we get closer to race day.

I worked with a PT and had new custom orthotics made. I started running in them last week, and now my foot pain is nearly nonexistent! VICTORRRYYYYY! I did my first track workout of the season last night (4×1000), and was surprised to see the speed that was still there; I guess it was just in hibernation. I ran “5k effort” hard, by feel, without looking at my watch and noticed my splits got progressively faster (7:10 min/mile pace, 7:00, 6:52, 6:54.) That’s a good thing.

ucsd track

I’m putting both feet in a bucket of ice water after each run because I’m afraid I might hurt the right one again, or that my left foot might start hurting, even though it hasn’t caused me any issues this training cycle. Boston is 39 days away, and I need to make sure my feet stay happy and healthy until I cross the finish line. Therefore, I’m addicted to the ice and 7-Eleven is getting my money because of it. (Note to self: Get a fridge with an ice maker when I’m all grown up.) I’m also building up slowly just before the marathon taper. I won’t be cramming in a 3+ hour run anytime soon. Not worth the risk.


I am VERY excited to run my first Boston next month! Even though my training has been allll over the place for this marathon, I’m still optimistic that I can have a great race, no matter what the time, whether it be 3:29 or 3:59.  I know it’s going to be memorable for many reasons, and I am very fortunate to have my family coming out to support me. They did the same thing when I did my first Ironman. They’re the best. I can’t wait to push my limits, and feel the energy at the spectator friendly, but very challenging, marathon course that is BOSTON!

Signing this last year at Eugene Marathon as a tribute to Boston 2013. We heart Boston.

At Eugene Marathon expo (April 2013), sending love to Boston after the tragedy. We heart Boston.

Have you ever trained for a full marathon with a nagging injury? How did you modify your workouts and/or race day goals?

One Comment
  1. Terri Osborne permalink

    You are going to be great, I know you will fly right through and the bonus will be….. Yes oh yes you will qualify for next years 2015 Boston Marathon! You are a little tiny machine but you are a mighty machine.

    I love you and I’m so excited to be there and watch you do this!

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