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Staying Fit Until The Next “Big” Race

May 3, 2015

After I ran Boston Marathon last year, my exercise regimen was put on the backburner. I usually take a break after a big race, like the Ironman or full marathon, because I feel a sense of burnout from doing the same exercises repeatedly. Once I feel refreshed again, I start training for a new event and pick it up. (Clearly I need lofty goals to stay motivated!) Well, it has been one year and I still haven’t signed up for the next BIG thing because I can’t decide what to do! 50k trail run? Re-qualify for Boston? Destination marathon? The possibilities are endless!

Quote of the day

Inspiration from the locker room at Rhythm + Power spin studio

In order to stay motivated, fit, and sane in the meantime, I found that I enjoy taking a variety of classes in addition to running 3+ days/week.

Yep. Those are my feet.

Yep. Those are my feet.

Luckily that’s when I found out about Fitn – an app that let’s you take classes from a variety of studios in your area through 1 membership. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I can take yoga, spin, barre, dance, pilates, bootcamp, and more without having to commit to multiple studios! Whaat? I cancelled my gym membership and so began my obsession with fitness classes.

Check in and ready for class!

Nicole and I have been taking barre before work together. We’re still running buddies during the week too!

Carlsbad 5000 race

Carlsbad 5000 race rocking our Oiselle jerseys

Running buddies

Coastal running date

I’ve always been someone who throws myself completely into whatever I’m doing, so literally every class I take, I find myself getting super excited about it and wondering how I lived without it in the first place. (Did you know there are heated yoga barre classes?)


At a Fitn community event

Seen at a Fitn community event

Cross-training has been a great way to keep my conditioning up while taking a break from the intensity of full marathon training. I’ve met some like-minded fitness enthusiasts along the way and rediscovered my passion for dance. My sister Skye and I take weekly hip hop classes together now, and I’ve even tried ballet bootcamp! I also practice yoga and join guided meditations to keep calm, and I’ll do a spin class when I really want to work up a sweat.

Post spin class

I’ve been used to people calling me crazy when I’d go out for 90 mile bike rides and 20 mile runs, but now that I’m exercising for FUN (while sometimes taking up to 3 classes/day…) I hope that more people will join me! There’s no class that I won’t try at least once. 🙂

What’s your favorite way to stay motivated and fit in between big races? What race should I sign up for next?!


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  1. fitn is so fun – I’m so glad we have been able to try some awesome new classes together!

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