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Runner turned Triathlete turned Surfer

July 24, 2013

Ok so I’m not really a “surfer” but I did try surfing the other weekend and had the best time ever!  It was way more fun than I ever imagined, and I never would have even set foot in the water if it weren’t for my triathlon experiences, which stemmed from my running experiences.  That is what I am taking away from all of this.  Don’t let fear hold you back!  You never know when you will discover something fantastic.

Run, Tri, Surf

Run, Tri, Surf

Two years ago I was terrified of the ocean, particularly the waves, and you couldn’t find me near a body of open water unless it included laying on the sand in a bikini.  I never was a swimmer, and I never cared to be.  Then, triathlon come into my life and changed everything.  Now, I have no fear less fear of open water swimming!  If it wasn’t for Ironman training, I would still be that girl who literally lives at the beach but refuses to get in the water.  Now, whenever I feel afraid to try something new, I remind myself that I did an Ironman, so nothing should stop me.  Why should I let fear get in the way of what life has to offer?

My friend let me borrow her 8 ft foam board and wetsuit top, and Jeremy agreed to take on the task of being my coach.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous since this was my first time attempting this since the 4th grade!  I don’t think that really counted anyway because I got scared and quit once the board hit me.  After multiple practice sessions in the living room going from laying down to standing, we made our way out to the beach.

No I did not wear this hat in the water.

No I did not wear this hat in the water.

We started out left of all the surfers because I didn’t belong with them anyway.  I belonged next to the other first-timers and their chaperones, as far away from the big waves and other people as possible.  I didn’t want to accidentally take anyone out with my large board and lack of experience!

Taking a good look at what was in store for me

Taking a good look at what was in store for me

Jeremy took me out to the white water area, and I got comfy being out in the water on the board.  Once I was ready, he pushed me into the waves, let go, and I attempted to stand up for the first time!  I quickly fell over laughing. I paddled back out to him and repeated the process, standing up on my second try!!  I was having so much fun that I started asking for bigger waves.  He looked at me shocked, but quickly agreed.  This wasn’t the same girl that was crying the first time she went out for an ocean swim 2 years ago.  So, fearless, we tried the real waves, and I started wiping out, of course.  That was much harder, but I still had fun falling on my face!  I might not be quit ready for the big waves yet, but I still gave it a shot!  It was a very successful day, and I can’t wait to try it again this summer.  Who’s with me!?

Before and after

Before and after

How has overcoming a fear benefited you?


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  1. Haha you are definitely more fearless than me! Glad you liked it!

  2. Love it! I’m headed to La Jolla in September to assist my friend with the same surf camp we did last year with Surf Diva—so much fun!!

  3. Awesome! Send me the info please! Maybe I’ll try it…

    • Shoot–I just saw this too late Asia! In any case–contact Izzy at Surf Diva. One of the best surf instructors is Mellie. (although she heads back to Costa Rica soon.). I went with my bestie Carolyn from I love being scared and going for it–don’t you? Happy surfing! 🙂

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