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Before I’m 30…1 week to go!

September 12, 2013

I just resurrected a draft of a blog post that I started nearly 1 year ago…yes, 1 year ago.  I think it’s totally acceptable to post it now since it was all about what I wanted to accomplish in the year before I turned 30, and now the time is here.  I have exactly 1 week to go until the big 3-0, so let’s see how I did!

Vegan Sprinkles Cupcake! Red Velvet!

Celebrating 29 one year ago! 

Begin post: October 2012

I turned 29 last month, and I haven’t given it a second thought…until today when I saw someone’s tweet.

Thank you for the reminder

I feel like it’s a little late to start working on a “Before 30 Bucket List”, but I’m doing to do it anyway.  It will give me a chance to lay out some goals for the next year of my life!  Some big.  Some small.  Here goes nothing!

1.  Become an Ironman

2. Try at least 2x to qualify for Boston Marathon 2014

3. Stress over the little things less

4. Carpool more

5. Take Jeremy to meet Momoo (my mom’s mom)

6. Have another full spa day

7. Go to the doctor over some nagging complaints that I keep pushing off

End post. ( I stopped before I could get to a more meaningful number like 10 or 30.)

It’s definitely odd to look back at where I was one year ago and where I thought I should be today.  The good news is,  I achieved all of the goals I set out for myself on that list!!  (Ok, every one except for the full spa day, so I have to get on that.)  I’m a less stressed, more environmentally friendly Ironman & Boston Qualifier who has taken Jeremy to meet Momoo and is up on her doctor’s visits.  Phew!  What a year!

My parting words to myself and anyone else who is approaching 30, is 30, or has recently turned 30, is to read this article by Olivia Wilde, and to go be awesome.

Dirty thirties here I come!  I wonder what goals I should set for myself next…

Steps from the finish line.

Steps from becoming a Boston Qualifier!!


.........Asia Simonelli. You are an Ironman!!!!!!!

Crossing the finish line to become an Ironman!!!


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  1. Aden permalink

    Good for you! If this had been my blog I would’ve looked back on it and realized I hadn’t accomplished a thing. So I’m all the more impressed that you accomplished it all! (More or less) This makes me want to start a list…

    • Thanks, sis! Start a list! Time flies by. I will probably start another one for the year of 30!

  2. Nice! Keep it up!

  3. You’re amazing! Can’t wait to celebrate 30 with you and many more birthdays to come. Love you bestie!

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