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Mini Training Meltdown

August 27, 2012 defines a meltdown as “an emotional breakdown”

Urban says a meltdown “describes what happens when a person freaks out, cracks, loses control of themselves. Life – reality at large – becomes overwhelming.  They just can’t deal with it all.  The person may act out, withdraw, become emotional, run, etc.”

Well, today I had my first Ironman training mini meltdown.

Due to a recent foot injury, I had the option of 2.5 hours of aqua jogging or 3 hours of elliptical instead of a normal long run.  Shoot me, right?  Well I decided elliptical was the way to go because I would access to music, books, tv, my iphone, you name it.  I wouldn’t have access to any of those items during aqua jogging.  Plus, the 2 pools I normally swim at were closed for maintenance.  So, I made my decision and prepared 2 bottles of water, 3 GUs, various sources of entertainment, and headed to the gym.  I was mentally prepared to spend 3 hours on the same damn machine from 5-8pm.  It was going to happen.  I was going to prove to myself (and my coach) that I had enough mental toughness to survive a mundane, boring, elliptical workout.  (No offense if you actually like the elliptical.)

The second I started moving on the elliptical, however, I felt pain on the top inside of my right knee.  Wtf!?  This was the same spot I experienced my first bout of knee pain the second I got off the bike at IMCDA.   I limped around for a few days, and then it went away.  Then it came back during a couple of bike rides later.  Trevor and I addressed it, and it went away.   It has been gone for several weeks in fact, so to feel it again now on a machine I never even use just freaked me out.

I tried changing my foot position.  I tried changing the resistance.  I tried going faster.  Slower.  Forwards.  Backwards.  Nothing was working.  I had constant knee pain.  It didn’t hurt badly enough to make me stop, so I stayed on it longer than I should have.  I got off and took a walk around 45 minutes into my session to see how it felt, and it didn’t feel any better.  It still hurt when I got back on, so near tears, I finally called it a night.  Trevor suggested aqua jogging, but I mandated self pity and rest.

Ironman Cozumel is less than 13 weeks away, so today I let that get to me, and I started to worry.  I didn’t have any nagging injuries when I trained for Ironman Coeur d’Alene, so why are they surfacing now!?  (It might have something to do with a lack of a break from training, and/or the large amount of stress I put on my body when I was training for IM#1…)  I expressed my concerns to Trevor, and I came home and cried to Jeremy.  (Just a little.)  I iced my knee.  I iced my foot.  I drank some wine.  I watched Grey’s Anatomy on HuluPlus.  I attempted to REST.  I wish I had gotten through that 3 hour training session, but sometimes rest is the best medicine.

Trevor said that looking ahead will only get me down at this point.  I need to look at the week I’m in and make the most of it.  We will build back up as fast as my body will allow.  I still have a solid base from Ironman #1, and 12+ weeks is enough time to reach my goal of finishing Ironman Cozumel.

Positive thoughts!!

  1. Your Man permalink

    You’re doing great, honey. Bumps in the road that will get over on your way to becoming an Ironman. I’m still so proud of your commitment. Love you.

  2. I can’t remember a marathon training cycle that I wasn’t somehow injured to some degree. As you know, navigating and dealing with injuries is what keeps training plans flexible for all athletes.

    Never forget: If it were easy, everyone would do it.

  3. Definitely sending positive thoughts your way! What type of pain is it in your knee? Throbbing? Tight? Sharp?

    • Pain was this persistent dull/semi-sharp feeling, but not sharp enough for me to stop. It hasn’t acted up since then. I’m still more worried about my foot!

      Congrats on your successful run the other day! Sending positive thoughts your well also.

  4. Do you have a good sports massage therapist or can your coach refer you to one? Sometimes they can do wonders for knee/foot issues (speaking both as a client in pain and a long time massage therapist!) Good luck, I love reading your blog and I’m rooting for you!

    • Funny you should bring this up. My coach literally just referred me to someone a couple days ago! I need to check her out!

      Thanks for your support!! 🙂

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